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Engineering networks it is necessary to have mainly within profiles of streets and roads: under sidewalks – thermal networks, channels or tunnels; on dividing strips – a water supply system, the gas pipeline, the economic and household and rain sewerage. With a width of carriageway more than 22 m of a network of a water supply system place on both sides of streets. When crossing underground engineering networks with crosswalks provide laying of the pipeline under tunnels or in the thickness of a concrete floor, and cables power and communications – over tunnels.

The enterprises serving the population of the city are a part a municipal fold of a zone. It is a predpriyatiya:predpriyatiya of the food industry, food and nonfood warehouses, specialized warehouses and the enterprises of public, transport and consumer services of the population of the city.

places of mass visit should be projected in a complex with development of the engineering solution of their transport service, placement of parkings and stopping points of public passenger transport.

Time of transport availability (on public transport to zones of a short-term otlykh has to make no more than 4,5 hours. The size of territories of recreation areas on one person is accepted by 500 sq.m on 1 persons. Area of a site of a zone of short-term rest not less than 50 hectares.

The production zone is projected taking into account the dominating direction of a wind, locating the selitebny territory from a windward side of rather production zone above on a watercourse with observance of the corresponding sanitary protection zones.

all city streets have to have a certain appointment, in the city there should not be depersonalized streets. When developing the general plan classification of streets taking into account features of the designed city has to be developed;

The ratio of various types of apartments in housing stock of the city is defined by demographic structure of a family. Data on demographic structure of a family can be obtained as a result of sociological research and the analysis of static material, on their basis and is defined both the nomenclature of apartments, and balance of housing stock.

capacity, both all system of the main streets, and certain highways has to provide the uninterrupted and safe admission of the city movement and have sufficient reserves for maneuvering;

In borders of sanitary protection zones placements of the industrial enterprises with less harmful waste are allowed (baths, laundries, fire stations garages, warehouses). It is possible to have the out-patient clinics, dining rooms, office buildings connected with this production.