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In general protection of trade secrets of firm in communication with friendly, loyal persons or occupying a neutral position in relation to your business is carried out on the basis of the conclusion of the relevant agreements which are directly ordered in norms or anyway based on them.

- work with the personnel (conversations at employment, acquaintance again accepted with rules of information security, to training in preservation of a trade secret, work with the employees suspected of plunder of the classified information, conversation with leaving);

It is difficult to find golden mean between aspiration to keep a trade secret and desire to use in the advertizing purposes the most impressive data from strictly protected information, especially those from them which, undoubtedly, would help to expand sale of the made goods and services.

There are various ways of conducting confidential office-work which are directed on prevention of leakage of the commercial secrets containing in documents. As it was already stated above, documents in addition various on importance degree.

Sources of leakage of intellectual property the congresses, conferences, symposiums, trade exhibitions, demonstrations of the created equipment, fairs, advertizing, etc. can become possible. Professionals of industrial espionage also various congresses of experts because they know, attract the best sources of commercial and scientific and technical information - talkers.

The above plan is approximate. However in all cases of protection of a trade secret it is necessary to pay special attention to documents as in our country the main volumes of commercial information store in documents.

For continuous communication with representatives of mass media and the public it is necessary to appoint the competent, sensible employee able to communicate with people, to gain them quickly to react to the changing circumstances.

Preparation of the documents containing important data should be trusted the checked people. Number of copies has to be strictly limited. For division of documents according to degree of importance it is possible to use bright color stickers. If necessary it is necessary to define degree of confidentiality of the document, and also period of validity of restrictive signature stamps. Thus it is necessary to remember: the more the classified information in it it is reflected, the more it will be required expenses for its protection.

Transfer paper and the painting tape of the writing cars - a subject of special cares as it is possible to remove the classified information from them. Therefore the used transfer paper and a tape is destroyed under control of responsible persons.

The combined radiomicrophones combine in themselves functions linear and acoustic. They are mounted only in telephone sets and sockets and conduct alternate control as telephone negotiations when the phone of phone is picked up, and any talk indoors when it is hung up on the lever. Food is carried out, as a rule, at the expense of the telephone line.

- to decide on flows of information, and to supply all documents containing a trade secret with the corresponding signature stamp reflecting their privacy. Here, first of all, documents with plans of the forthcoming activity of firm, technological documentation, lists of suppliers and buyers belong;

Physical measures of protection are, as a rule, applied in total with administrative actions. Treat them: organization of the corresponding mode of privacy, access and internal control, creation of security service, training and instructing of the personnel.

In the capitalist countries of data on clients it is considered to be not a trade secret of firm, and more likely its capital. Therefore the list of clients of firm and other data on them are formed â ïåðâóþ î÷åðåäü óñèëèÿìè ðóê, and this information does not trust even in its immediate environment.

Allowing employees of firm to state secrets, counterintelligence with care inherent in it checks reliability of each of them. Traditional check of the citizens of the USA getting access to the classified information usually includes: