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The main difficulty of sociology, Comte specified, consists that there is no positive theory, leaning on which it would be possible to collect and generalize the facts. It is a vicious circle because for carrying out supervision the theory is necessary, and for creation of the theory - supervision.

Comte understood organic unity of all mankind, all human civilization or its some most part as society, connected with a consensus, characterized by its harmonious functioning and structural elements. It included in a subject of sociology not only modern society (civilizations), last generations which have impact on modern generations and develop with them in uniform socially - civilization process.

For science, Comte specified, there can be useful comparisons of life of animals with human society and, at last, it is possible to compare a social standing various a class of the same society. It must be kept in mind, however, that comparison of the main phases of a civilization can be darkened by influence of the general spirit of an era which smoothes down distinctions.

Comte for the first time created new science about society on the basis of synthesis of ideas of the time, having depicted contours of social structure of society, found new sociological methods. It laid the foundation for sociology as sciences.

The family relations Comte defines as the moral and emotional union founded and mutual sympathies. The family role - to serve as the intermediary between the individual and it is, to bring up the younger generation in the spirit of altruism, to teach it to overcome natural egoism.

Family basis, according to Comte, the patriarchal relations in a family are, he sharply opposes female equality and in every possible way warms up need of strengthening of authority and the power of the man - the father and the husband.

Social supervision is possible as the main method of research of sociology. He claims that social supervision is possible and in sociology. However Comte, any social supervision specified, statistical or dynamic have to assume continuous supervision of fundamental theories.

As positive science Comte opposed sociology to theological and metaphysical speculation about society and the person. Criticizing the previous philosophers-metaphysicists who created utopias, accusing them that they understood society as creation of human reason (the French philosophers educators), reasonable will of individuals.

It is necessary to notice, however, that Comte did not understand dialectics of social elements and structure and considered elements of social life as simple, eternal and invariable, and social development as result of various combinations of the same elements.

Comte considered as the second important method in sociology experiment. Direct experiment in sociology consists in supervision over change of the phenomenon under the influence of the conditions which are specially created for research objectives.

historical (but time and sequence of emergence), logical (from abstract to concrete), on complexity of an object of research (from simple to difficult), on nature of communication with practice. As a result the main sciences settled down in the following order: mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, sociology.

Comte opposes speculativeness, on the one hand, and an impsrizm extreme - with another. In sociology Comte developed a supervision method, and also experimental, comparative and metaphysical a research method.

In a family the individual is socialized, gains the qualities necessary for successful service to mankind, gets rid of natural individualism, learns to live for others. Comte calls the positive theory of public process social dynamics,