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5 ways to answer Good topics for research

Information which you receive, represents for you a valuable source of data for work on improvement of advertizing both regarding the text and graphics, and from the point of view of a choice of channels for its distribution.

Advertisers - very diverse "company". These are producers, retail dealers, wholesale dealers, firms of services, distributors, labor unions, individuals and many, many others. Advertisers pay bills, and today these accounts is annually gathered more than on 65 bln. dollars. The ratio between the main types of advertisers looks as follows:

As a rule, the first purchase - test. After some percent of buyers acquired goods, the new marketing purpose - to stimulate repeated purchases can be entered. As the number of repeated purchases grows, our model undergoes changes, and at top of a pyramid of advertizing other pyramid representing the growing number of the people making repeated purchases is built.

Actions of public relations are directed on strengthening of public reputation of firm which is put, first of all, by quality of goods and an appropriate level of service, and also speed and accuracy of employees, their goodwill, politeness and neatness.

language of radio is laconic: compound and complex subordinates of the offer with parenthesises and participial phrases are not accepted, participles are replaced with verbs, avoid the stamps and tekhnitsizm clear only to experts; the natural rhythm of language breaks abundance of the hissing and whistling sounds, casual accords, the rhymed syllables or words, repetition of cognate words; the phrase is built in an active form as it is more dynamic, easier it is perceived aurally, than passive; it is important not to exceed 11 words in the offer as it reduces efficiency of perception; a lot of things are perceived through "keywords" which first of all nouns are, and then - verbs

And to be able to count any of the above parameters "in mind", it is necessary to know, at what stage of process of making decision on purchase of your production there is for the Consumer actual and important your advertizing and in what "relations" these Consumers consist with various mass media and data carriers.

understanding in what your key trade offer will consist, it is expedient to involve video group already in planning of the video movie: experts will help you to think "visually" and will acquaint with special opportunities of video filming